illustration | art | design

I believe we need to live with intention, awareness, and empathy.

We need to think hard and critically about the societal systems we live in and design for ourselves, how we might perpetuate them, and how they might complement or contradict our moral and social values.

With that, my work keeps coming back to a few different philosophies.

I want to use my art and design to raise awareness on issues: to elicit conversation, reflection, and action. I hope to empower and tell the stories of the underdogs: the ones often in the back burner, with complex issues and unrealized solutions.

Here are some philosophies I apply in my work.


Using my work to visually represent and address certain issues. I'm most interested in gender and queer equality and plant-based advocacy.

Empathy & User-Centered Design

Making sure I understand my audience, either through research or interviews or whatnot — how they tick, what makes them tick, and the type of work that would create the most impact for them.

Diversity & Representation

Ensuring diverse representation of different types of people in my work, so that even if someone doesn't see themselves in mainstream media, they'll see people like themselves in art or illustrations.

Constant Growth


I'm still learning, and always will be. I hope to treat my clients as collaborators — I value transparency and regular communication, and embrace constructive criticism and feedback. I'm dedicated to people and my craft, and have a knack for learning concepts quickly and applying them visually.