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Bubs & Windy — Mat Designs

Art Direction, Illustration

Bubs & Windy —

Art Direction, Illustration

Bubs & Windy is a high end baby company offering ethical baby products to both Canada and the USA. Their baby play mats serve two purposes: to be play gyms for babies, as well as stylish home decor for busy parents.

I was brought on to head the design of a new baby play mat. With busy and trendy mothers as our main target audience, we wanted this design to incorporate florals and embrace a more feminine side.

I spent the research phase scouring trends in successful and popular current floral patterns and designs, including those of Rifle Paper Co. I discovered two main takeaways; people were attracted to organic yet consistent compositions, and natural yet bold colours. This was the base model I kept coming back to throughout the process.


The new floral baby play mat design.

Hanging toys

Flower designs that didn't make it to the final round.

Flower designs that didn't make it to the final round.

Once we finalized our design for the play mat, I created additional individual toy designs that matched our play mat style. These were more simple designs that would be made into clothed toys to hang above the mat for the baby to play with.


These were the five toy designs that we ended up choosing. Overall, they give a fun, stylized, yet organic feel.

More photos to come, of the designs in use!