illustration | art | design


I also code — mainly personal projects for interfaces and interactive visuals, created individually or with one other person.

My coding projects are not on this website, but can be found on my Github. I’m most proud of a logic blocks game I made with a friend on Javascript (sometimes impossible to beat, though), and an animated visualization of breathing trees created with Processing. If I wasn’t a designer, I would probably pursue coding full-time (preferably for interfaces, using math for visualizations).

With any code, I strive for clean, scalable, and accessible code through a modular approach. My favourite programming model is object-oriented programming.

I’m quite comfortable with Python, Java, as well as web development “languages” and tools (CSS, Sass, Javascript). I’ve also worked extensively with other programmers and can navigate my way around PHP, Bootstrap, Go, ProcessingJS, and basic Unity development (C#).

I like empowering women in tech, and have been a teacher assistant for HTML/CSS workshops held by Girl Develop It in Minneapolis.

Check out my Github.