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From the Earth — Ceramics & Painting

Winter of 2016, I was lucky to learn Handbuilding from Kip O'Krongly, an amazing teacher and ceramics artist who advocates for environmental awareness through her work.

I created cups and plates themed around surreal nature settings and organic shapes. Here, I was combining 3D experimentation with 2D expertise — I think the fusion of 3D and 2D play well together to create something striking yet functional.

Painting on organic shapes was a fun challenge. How do you paint 2D landscapes on an organic shape that bends and changes depending on the angle it’s looked at? I had to ensure that each side and angle had an interesting decorative narrative — it seems like mural or environmental art will pose that challenge too, something I’m interested in tackling.

Here are some of my babies! All have been either sold, or gifted to people who've had an impact on my life. That's something I like about ceramics — that you're leaving a part of yourself in the everyday use of someone's life.